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Company Purpose

Misslu Beauty Enterprises (Misslu) strongly believe- that we must take action for a cleaner world. We want to be among natural beauty and home care products producers in Africa and the world. We are committed to sourcing all-natural ingredients to create high-quality skincare solutions for all skin types and for all ages. Besides skincare products, we are also offering hand-crafted and natural home care products sourced ethically and support the local farmers and talents in the country.
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The Mission

To provide high-quality and ethically produced personal and home care products.

The Vision

To be the number one choice for natural skincare, health and homecare solutions in Africa.


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Quality in everything

Our core values.

Here's why you should shop with us.

Your beauty, our inspiration. We believe that everyone is beautiful and deserves to feel beautiful every day.
Honesty & Trust
We maintain honesty in relationships with our employees, clients, partners, stakeholders and the community.
We work with locally sourced natural ingredients to provide our clients with the best care products.
Know How Innovation
We believe in the power of knowledge, which we consistently reward and endeavor to enhance. In keeping with the latter, we keep up with the advances, strive for ceaseless development, and invest in innovation.
Social Responsibility
We help improve the quality of life of our employees and their families and the narrow and broader community. By means of donations and sponsorship, we support various humanitarian and environmental activities. Misslu Beauty makes every effort to use natural sources in an economical way and reduce the impact of its activities and products on the natural environment by choosing production processes, technologies, and materials that cause the least possible stress to the natural world.